SOFTWARE 2D Animation: After Effects 3D Animation: Cinema4d   CREDITS Production: Comcreative Animation, 3d Modeling: Boris Moshkov Client: Forescout  


AdAmp's one-stop advertising platform was created for SMBs and smaller agencies so they can place ads on leading U.S. television and digital platforms. AdAmp makes it possible for these brands to have their business featured on leading streaming and cable networks. SOFTWARE 2D Animation: After Effects 3D Animation:

Capital Event / Explainer Video

Capital Event Investment Conferences link public and private issuers with top-tier investors over a weekend of one-on-one meetings and networking activities. Their shows bring proven results to both issuers and investors by exposing them to new opportunities in an enjoyable, easygoing environment.   SOFTWARE 2D Animation: After Effects 3D

TC / Explainer Video

Thriving Cities Group is a nonprofit aligned with the University of Virginia that fosters healthier cities by disrupting and rebuilding the social and civic institutions that support community life   SOFTWARE Design: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop 3d Modeling & Animation: Cinema4d, Dem Earth 2d Animation: After Effects, Duik Post-production: After Effects   CREDITS Music

My Roar / Campaign

Winning For Women is a 501 organization that aims to inform the public of national security and free-market policy that will benefit the lives of all Americans, to organize and amplify the voices of women across the country who embrace such, broadening the audience for


Gordon Convell

Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary is an educational institution that prepares men and women for the ministry at home and abroad. They organize humanitarian aid actions and we were a part of one of them “Our legacy” with our video infographic.   SOFTWARE 2D Animation: After Effects Illustration: Anastasija Glidžić   CLIENT Gordon Conwell


Elnos Group / 3D Illustration

Elnos Group is an international concern known for numerous construction, reconstruction and modernisation projects. It was ranked among the leading companies for facilities of up to 400 kV (within power stations, power grids, infrastructure projects, industry, and installations). I made made illustrations for each service that